Why Choose WordPress for your Website?
WordPress is not just for blogging. It’s a full-featured Content Management System (website);
WordPress is the perfect platform for integration with social media;
WordPress makes it easy for you to update or add new content;

Our WordPress sites include such features as:
Forums: Allow users to post topics and replies in a threaded discussion forums.
Blogs: Create a blog for a single user or multiple users on your site.
Polls: Engage users and find out what they are thinking.
Audio and video: Easily upload and publish streaming audio and video.
Forms: Gather information from users, which will be sent to specified recipients.
E-commerce: Sell items on your site and accept credit card payments.
Google Analytics: Track users and activity on your site through Google Analytics.
Private Content: Accessible to users with certain permissions.

Before A Visual Advantage launches your website, we provide you with training to ensure you are prepared to manage the site on your own.

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